RIDGID 18-Volt 1/2 In. Impact Wrench

For the longest time, I’ve wanted an air compressor in my garage to work on cars. the convenience of taking wheels off of cars and torquing them back on in seconds is so satisfying. Well now, i really don’t have a reason to get one, ever since i got my hands on one of these battery powered impact wrenches.


Right out of the box, first thought that crosses my mind is, “this thing has weight to it”, which in my mind, registers as power. definitely weights more than a classic impact driver, and the 5 Ah battery definitely helps with that.


Adjustable torque mode. with torque reaching up to 450 ft. lbs.

Tri light LED, just like impact drivers, help for illuminating the work area in a very shadow-less way. very helpful.

Auto mode, which shuts the unit off down when it detects potential of over tightening. This is HUGE. I’m so glad they are investing in technology like this. With impact tools making all the pulsating intermittent noise, it’s hard to be cautious and prevent even stripping the bolt, really nice to have a safety net like this.

Solid external casting makes for a what feels like a durable tool that you wont feel bad throwing around.

And like always, RIDGID is backed by its infamous Lifetime Service Agreement. Nuff said.


I’ve spoken with a few automotive tradesmen and they said they they have multiple tools like this or similar to this in their arsenal and they have nothing but good things to say. To me, that speaks volumes.

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