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All About Those Rugs

Rugs. We all want them and need them in our houses, but can never quite find the perfect ones. And by perfect ones, I means ones that we love but don’t cost us our first born children. Rugs can get EXPENSIVE. Especially nice, quality ones. I’ve put together a roundup of some of my favorite neutral rugs that won’t break the bank!

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3 Simple Steps to Styling Shelves

Like me, do you have a hard time decorating shelves? I have so many shelves in my house, and every time I’ve had to style any of them, I would put things on and take things off at least 15 times before I liked the way it looked. I still struggle with this problem sometimes, but over time I’ve come up with a few easy tips that will make any shelf look great. Here are my simple and easy steps to styling your shelves.

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DIY Yarn Tapestry

Yarn Tapestries are the new trendy wall art, and they look beautiful just about anywhere!  I am not even ashamed to admit that I have at least 5 hanging in random areas of my house–and guess what? I made them all! When I first stumbled upon these babies, I was so intimidated to make one because they look so intricate. Once I started one though, I realized that they are not that complicated to make and require minimal materials. But they do still require a bit of time because of all the measuring and cutting. I like to make them while watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls after putting the kiddos to bed. Here are the steps to making your own darling yarn tapestry.

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It's All In The Details

Personally, I think what really makes a house a home are the attentive and considerate details that create a warm and welcoming space. You can have a fancy couch, a unique coffee table, and a beautifully crafted dining table, but nothing completes a home like the pretty accessories and carefully thought out details. I’m talking about those beautiful throw pillows you notice when you walk into your friend’s house, or that stunning plant in the corner, or all of the pretty little knick-knacks on shelves that surely catch your eye. These are the things that attract us to a particular house, and these are the things that make beautiful furniture look even more beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite accessories to stage with at the moment, and where they are from if you need a little inspiration!

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Deck the Halls...And The Rest of the House

I’m pretty sure Christmas time is just about every person’s favorite time of year, and I am no exception. December is also my birthday month, so naturally I’m super biased towards this time of year. I kept the holiday decor pretty simple this year, and we still have yet to get our tree, but this is how I added some merriness to my home for under $50!