Upgrading your Appliances at The Home Depot

Almost every homeowner has to face one of the biggest decisions of their house ownership life: buying appliances. That time has finally come for us. The time to make the commitment to choose what appliances we want in our home for the next few decades. Wow, if that doesn’t scare you, good. If it does […]

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Floating Hardwood Flooring Desk

Wood is wood, no matter how you look at it. You can’t be picky. That’s why I took up this project. You see, recently I was approached by a local hardwood flooring guy named Anton Boyarchuck. He said he had a few random bundles of wood that were left over from a job he did. […]

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Amphitheater Style Patio Deck

Summer is here and it’s time to live in our backyards. We recently bought a home to remodel and plant our feet in for a while. After making the interior look the way we always wanted, it was now time to tear down the old existing patio deck that was poorly constructed and falling apart […]

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